Mini Dragon Corduroy Backpack


Finally, a unisex school bag that's the perfect taste! Did you notice the dragon also carries a backpack with our bunny cappuccino in it? How cute! This backpack is perfect for fitting all your school necessities including an iPad, notebooks, wallet, keys, and more! The backpack includes a snap pocket in the front, a zipper front pocket, a big zipper pocket, a small zipper pocket on the inside, an extra pocket on the inside, and a side pocket for a water bottle. LOTS OF POCKETS! Great for organizing different-sized items so that you're not searching forever for your items.

The texture of the bag is a corduroy material and the backpack is able to be washed in a washing machine but we do not recommend putting it in the dryer as that could ruin the stitching for the design. Spot cleaning the bag is a great option.

NOTE: Some photos do not include the water bottle pocket or logo on the bottom left of the bag, but yours will come with it. The backpack is full in the photos with us carrying the backpack.

Dimensions: 14in height, 13in width, 4.5in depth

International shipping is available