About Us/Our Cultural Inspiration

Euphoric Sun was created and founded in California by Sun Li, Asian and woman owned.

Our mission is to provide Chinese-inspired beauty and accessories to bring out your inner self and is inclusive of all ethnicities and genders. We are super connected to our roots and want you to feel nostalgic with our products or learn a little something about Chinese/Asian culture. It's here to share with everyone! We decided on creating makeup based on Chinese culture because there isn't much of that theme in any store based in the US. We want our makeup to empower you and let you feel beautiful through our colors and designs while also helping you learn about Chinese culture and the importance and preserving the traditional beauty of the culture. 🧧

This is a place that provides products to let you have fun and let the person you want to be shine through. We hope that each process from exploring our site to receiving your items will make you smile! 😄

The name comes from the beauty and artistry of the word euphoria and the fun in Sun. We have a few mascots: Our main mascot is Cappuccino which is our real life bunny seen on social media and featured in the art of our products. We also have Mookie the strawberry cow, and Marshmallow the white female bunny (Cappuccino's 2D girlfriend!). 

Euphoric Sun makeup brings out art and expression for those that are advanced and for those that are just beginners at makeup. Our Chinese influence and styles will differ from any other shop out there. We only provide the best quality in makeup that really pop, shine, glisten, and more! There will be a color for any type of look you're going for!

Euphoric Sun lashes are cruelty free, non-irritating, lightweight and dramatic, fitting for all eye types, and can be reused up to 30 times! We also have faux mink lashes which are perfect for the natural gal and are vegan, cruelty-free, soft, and can be reused up to 20 times!

Euphoric Sun accessories are fun & fitting for those that want to stand out and not afraid to show their true selves to the world. Being you is good enough <3 Extra points if you love the inspirations behind our products!

Every package is wrapped with love and includes additional stickers/gifts inside!

Reach out to us if you ever need someone to talk to, someone to make you smile, or some help with buying from our website through email: sun@euphoricsun.com

#EUPHORICBAE to be featured!