Milk Mini Eyeshadow Palettes Series


Milk Minis are here! These palettes are just like the Milk Series palettes except re-innovated and mini which is perfect for on the go! These colors will have you consider getting the 9-color palette! Each of these palettes contains 4 colors, or you can get all 6 in a bundle with a cute box for a lower price! Some colors are the same as the ones of the regular size while others like Taro Mini and Peach Mini have completely different colors but contain the same color schemes.

Dimensions: 26mm pans, 8.2x8.2cm palettes

Keep in mind that the colors on the screen may not be the same as in-person because of different screen brightness and colors.

Pigments are vegan, non-paraben, gluten-free, and cruelty-free. All ingredients are listed on the back of the palettes. Palettes are made of cardboard/paper and are recyclable. Each palette includes a mirror.

International shipping is available!