Diaochan & Yang Yuhuan Manhua Douyin Lash Sets


2 out of 4 of the most beautiful women in Ancient China are now immortalized on the covers of packaging as well as in digital art and paintings. Both of these lash sets were created with style and the "manhua" look in mind. We wanted a lash that was long and noticeable yet soft and artistic. We want you to walk around with compliments that you look animated, and both of these lash sets help you achieve just that!

Diaochan was a beauty who took down an entire state with her beauty.

Yang Yuhuan was a beauty that everyone loved and flowers would waiver with her passing by.

Lashes are 13-14mm in length, have a black cotton lash band, is flexible, made with soft fibers, and can be worn up to 30x per pair! Each set comes with 5 pairs of lashes! That's 5 pairs for the price of one! Lashes are vegan, cruelty-free, and natural. The lashes are faux mink and are not made with any animal product. Perfect for beginner lash wearers and advanced lash wearers!

The lashes DO NOT come with glue but we recommend using our Waterproof Soft Clear or Soft Black lash glues to hold them in place!

To Apply: 1. Cut the end of the lash to fit the eyes. 2. Apply glue to the back of the lash band (not the top!) 3. wait for glue to be semi-dry (tacky). 4. apply lashes with center first then the outer edge and finally inner edge as close to the lash line as possible.

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