5 Euphoric Sun Products that Bring Nostalgia from Asian Childhood Snacks

5 Euphoric Sun Products that Bring Nostalgia from Asian Childhood Snacks

5 Euphoric Sun Products that Bring Nostalgia from Asian Childhood Snacks

Growing up, the snacks one could find in an American household were the staples: chips, cookies, crackers, granola bars, fruit snacks, etc. Growing up in an Asian-American household, pantries did have these staples, of course, but they sat alongside shrimp chips, yan-yan, mochi, rice crackers, yakult, and many many more! 

Reminisce with us as we share 5 Euphoric Sun products that remind Asians of their childhood snacks and share this nostalgia with EVERYONE: 

matcha dessert inspired lashes. Vegan, cruelty-free, and soft. Bringing out nostalgia of matcha

1. The Dreamy Matcha Lash Set

Matcha lovers unite! This vegan, cruelty-free, fluffy, and both natural and dramatic lash set immediately induces fond memories of being completely obsessed with anything matcha-related! Matcha cake, matcha ice cream, matcha swiss rolls, matcha mochi. What makes matcha so unique is it’s earthy taste. Combined with the sweetness of sugar, matcha as a flavor feels like coming home after a really good day at school and sinking into the couch feeling completely content. Throw on your favorite pair of lashes and let’s sip some tea together!

asian dessert highlighters

Asian dessert highlighters

2. Asian Dessert Highlights

Did you ever taste a dessert and it made you feel like the whole world got brighter with just one bite? Asian desserts in particular have a habit of doing that. Even just looking at the covers of these highlighters can make one’s mouth salivate. Each of these shimmery highlighters resemble the color of the dessert on their covers. These highlighters are smooth like pudding, shiny like the inside of a mango cut in half, bold like the taste of sesame, bright and popping like the taste of a tart, and iconic like the shape of a taiyaki. If you haven’t tried these desserts yet it’s a must, and so are the highlighters.

black sesame palette, a smokey palette great for those looking for a different aesthetic

black sesame eyeshadow palette swatches, great for a smokey and sultry makeup look

3. The Black Sesame Palette

To those that have had the pleasure to try any kind of black sesame dessert, it’s wonderful! The taste of black sesame is so unique that those who have tried it can only describe it as a flavor of its own. Inspired by the bold Black Sesame Ice Cream, these shade names of this palette reflect the closest description to the taste of black sesame: earthy and robust. This palette is perfect for bolder eye-looks like the iconic Smokey Eye. A palette that brings a different type of aesthetic to the table yet still able to bring out the nostalgic feeling to those who have had black sesame since they were young. Reflect and reminisce while you apply these pigmented, vegan, non-paraben, gluten-free, and cruelty-free eyeshadow shades! 

neon boba eyeshadow palette for a bright and neon summer

4. The Neon Boba Palette

The most iconic of asian snacks! A drink among drinks referred to by many names: Tapioca Tea, Pearl Tea, Bubble Tea, and of course, our favorite to say, Boba! Developed in Taiwan, when it comes to Asian drinks, boba tea is one of the most well known all around the world. Boba Tea itself is unique in that many before it's popularization raised an eyebrow at chewing something while drinking. But to Asians growing up, it was completely normal. With the drink’s normalization, and seeing everyone all over enjoying it, there will always be a little bit of nostalgia with every sip. Get a little bit of nostalgia with every use of this neon eyeshadow palette! These shades are pigmented, vegan, non-paraben, gluten-free, cruelty-free and perfect for the summer!

mink lash box inspired by soy drinksfaux mink lash box

5. Euphoric Sun Mink and Faux Mink Lash Boxes

If American kids had juice boxes growing up, the Asian counterpart must be soymilk box drinks! The moment you lay your eyes on Euphoric Sun’s Mink and Faux Mink Lash boxes Asians are reminded of grocery runs with their parents to the nearest Asian market. The cute cover art inspired by these soymilk box drinks remind Asians of carefree times where enjoying a sip of soymilk and making sure you finished every last drop was all you had to worry about. Feel a little bit of that carefree kid attitude when applying the various styles of lashes Euphoric Sun has to offer! 

While a lot of these products will give a lot of nostalgia to Asians, they can foster curiosity to those who haven't had the chance to try the various snacks they inspired. There are so many diverse countries in Asia that all have delicious and unique drinks and snacks, and Euphoric Sun wants to show the utmost appreciation and fondness for them, as well as share this nostalgia with everyone and anyone!