5 Bright Summer Must Have Items to Be Hotter than the Heat

5 Bright Summer Must Have Items to Be Hotter than the Heat

5 Bright Summer Must Have Items to Be Hotter than the Heat

Looking smoking hot outside, and so do you! Take a look at these bright must have items for this HOT Summer!

1. Crossbody Lavender Moonlight Bag

Are you traveling and you want a bag that is cute, comfortable, and efficient? Well, no worries! We’ve got the PERFECT item for you! Euphoric Sun’s Crossbody Lavender Moonlight bag is great for traveling this summer! Not only is it super fashionable, it includes lots of pockets! Perfect for carrying personal items like wallets, plane tickets, mobile devices, and even makeup! Are you going to a summer festival? Comfortably bring your tickets, sunglasses, and kandie bracelets in this bright lavender crossbody bag. This bag also features Euphoric Sun’s cute mascot, Cappuccino the Bunny. You can choose to have the bag with our “Euphoric Feeling” keychain, without it, or the keychain on its own.

2. Milk Series

Summer makeup is all about playing around with bright colors, and what better way to do that than with Euphoric Sun’s Milk Series! The Milk Series is a collection of color-coordinated eyeshadow palettes that are based off of various milk flavors commonly found in a lot of Asian markets. Are you looking for a blushy pink/peachy summer look? Then go for the Peach Milk Palette and/or Strawberry Milk Palettes! Looking to mix and match some cool tones for those cool summer night parties? The Taro Milk Palette and the Melon Milk Palette are perfect for that! Are you feeling a yellow moment? Banana Milk Palette! And what could be more summer than a cute orange look using the Orange Milk Palette? This eyeshadow collection is very versatile and very fun to use, great for those that love to keep their colors coordinated, so get your hands on it before it’s gone!

3. Summer Bundle 2: Summer Sunset

Looking for a perfect bundle to meet all your summer makeup needs? Well, Euphoric Sun is more than happy to provide! This Summer Sunset Bundle includes products like Euphoric Sun’s faux mink lashes that are soft, natural, and vegan. These particular lashes are in the style “Babygirl” and are sure to make you look and feel fabulous at whatever event you plan to go to this summer! This bundle also includes not one, but TWO fluffy Cat Ear Headbands! Not only can these incredibly soft headbands be used as cute accessories to pair with your outfit, they are also super helpful when putting on makeup or applying skincare to get your hair out of your face! You also get two–yes, two!–of Euphoric Sun’s popular and iconic Matte Lip Tints! They come in the shades Kumquat (a beautiful peachy orange shade) and Eggplant (a soft lavender purple) which are perfect summer lip shades! And lastly, as if this bundle wasn't already packed with wonderful products, you also get an eyeshadow palette! Only Orange Milk is in stock now! These palettes pair perfectly with the lip tints! Your face is a wonderful canvas for you to paint your own summer sunset with all these amazing products!

4. Crystal Ice Lip Bundle

Lakes, Beaches, and Pools! Water, of course, is the best way to beat the summer heat! But the best way to keep your lipstick from running during these activities is to use Euphoric Sun’s Crystal Ice Lip Bundle! These matte lip tints are waterproof, feel light on application, and come in the shades Kumquat, Toffee, and Lychee, fun neutral colors for the summer! Fun fact: the name of the bundle itself is inspired by 冰糖 or rock sugar that is used in many Asian desserts! So if you’re looking for some beautiful matte lip colors to rock at the pool or show off at the beach, this bundle is practically calling for you!

5. Flushed Bunny Heart Stamp Blushers

It’s very well known that achieving the perfect “Summer Glow” look is important when doing summer makeup, but here at Euphoric Sun, we know that part of the fun of makeup is the application! Our Flushed Bunny Heart Stamp Blushers are unique in that you don't just brush the blush on, you stamp it! This product is also special in that you don't have to blend out the blush if you don’t want to, you can leave the heart shape of the stamp on your cheeks as a new, cute and fun blush look! The heart stamp blushers come in shades of Pink, Orange, and Red. They're very blendable but also very pigmented. Have fun getting the perfect “Summer Glow” with Euphoric Sun’s Flushed Bunny Heart Stamp Blushers.