Dreamy Matcha Lash Set


Calling all matcha lovers out there! Here is the perfect set of lashes for you. Inspired by matcha desserts, this set comes with three lashes, a tweezer, and eyeliner glue. The lashes included are Matcha, Mango, and Mochi sold exclusively in this set.

Lashes are vegan, cruelty-free, fluffy, and both natural and dramatic. Perfect for beginner lash wearers and advanced lash wearers! Check out the last photos for the try-on of these lashes in the order of Matcha, Mango, Mochi respectively.

NOTE: liner lash glue lasts only up to 3 months after it is opened or uses up to 30x. It is recommended to buy our lash glue separately that lasts for more uses! Also, remember to shake up the lash pen before use to get the most out of it!

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This was my first purchase from Euphoric Sun and it was a literal game changer. I love supporting asian-owned businesses and these lashes were the product that convinced me to come back again and again; they are so soft and full and perfect. There are lots of options in the set so if you want a more minimal look or would like to go all out, or anything in between, you can choose which lash look works best for you. The packaging is unbelievably aesthetic, and the black liner was easy to apply and worked well with the lashes. I also recommend the liquid waterproof lash glue also sold on this website, in both clear and black, if you prefer that! All in all, simply ethereal.

United States United States


The lashes are beautiful and so soft I genuinely had to check and make sure I hadn't bought real mink lashes - I have quite literally never felt a faux mink lash so soft and fluffy before. It's amazing. The applicator/tweezers included in the kit ARE METAL! I was expecting a cheap plastic pair for the price point, however, it's a solid and high quality metal instead. I do like the adhesive liner - someone who is experienced with using liners and lashes would probably have a much better time than me using it, though. I have small + very hooded eyes which means I have to use some clear lash glue on the inside half of my eye to avoid making me eyes look even smaller. If you don't have that issue that adhesive liner is INSANE. you could probably hang a small dog from your eyelashes without them coming off. It's incredible!

Bella S.
United States United States

Lash eyeliner is really helpful

The lash eyeliner is so convenient! To it's counter part of regular lash glue, it's less bulky and less messy to pack with you on the go if you ever need to do a quick fix up on the lashes especially on the corner of your eyes! Just a quick dab without waiting and it instantly sticks!


amazing product!

i LOVE these lashes! They are perfect for every occasion ! The art is so cute and the box is bigger than i thought. Also the glue is amazing and it is included :)

Italy Italy

S+ Tier, couldn't be happier >3

The set its self is in beautiful packaging, the lashes are so soft and the actual packaging it shipping in was so cute I loved it all (I also have to try the lip tint I bought as well) Also it happened to come 2 days earlier than expected so of course that also make me happy too Super fantastic, ill definitely order again, probably some eye shadow pallets next time >3

United States United States


Omg I wasn’t expecting this much from these lashes. I thought I needed to try lashes from a new brand and I was interested in this business overall. These lashes are everything you can ask for, flirty and drama. The Mochi lashes were my fav!!! They were so lush and flirty but cute. The black liner/glue is such a game changer, it dries quick and the lashes stay strong.

United States United States