The Significance of Mid-Autumn Festival & 5 Products that Represent it

The Significance of Mid-Autumn Festival & 5 Products that Represent it

The Significance of Mid-Autumn Festival & 5 Products that Represent it

The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival and/or Mooncake Festival, is celebrated by the majority of South East and East Asian cultures. It is the second-most important holiday after the Lunar New Year. This day happens every year on the 15th day of the 8th month on the lunar calendar. The festival’s beginnings date back over 3,000 years ago to the emperors of China who worshipped the fullest moon of the year, thanking it for their plentiful harvests.

In Chinese culture, specifically, the full moon symbolizes reunion, which is why during this festival people would reunite with their families to celebrate and worship the moon. The most important activity during this festival is the making and eating of mooncakes. Mooncakes are pastries that can be filled with nuts, red bean paste, lotus root paste, egg yolk, meat, and or fruit, etc. And, of course, they are round in order to symbolize the full moon and family reunion! The Mid-Autumn Festival also includes folklores told to children dating back to ancient times.

Here are 5 Euphoric Sun products that symbolize the feeling of the Mid-Autumn Festival:

1. Mooncake Palette

The Mooncake Palette features shades inspired by the rich brown color of mooncakes, the lucky colors: red (meaning luck, joy, and happiness) and gold (meaning luck, prosperity, and good fortune), and even folk stories like Chang E Flying to the Moon and the Rabbit in the Moon. 

red moon lipsticks

2. Red Moon Lipsticks

Since red is a lucky color in Chinese culture, it only makes sense to showcase many different, beautiful, and rich shades of red in these Mid-Autumn Festival-themed bullet lipsticks. The color red can also represent happiness, beauty, and success.

3. Mooncake Tote

The Mooncake Tote Bag’s refined, yet bold design is perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement with their outfit. Since it is a bold red, it is sure to stand out to anyone who sees you walk by! The Chinese characters on the bag translate to “A year’s fullest moon with the tastiest moon cakes.” 

4. Red and Gold Bows

Since red has been talked about many times, let’s talk about the color gold and its significance in Chinese culture. Gold, unsurprisingly, represents glory, nobility, prosperity, and good fortune. It symbolizes luck, wealth and richness. Yellow, and subsequently gold, is traditionally associated with royalty in China. The first emperor of China was also known as the Yellow Emperor. Just like with a red bow, a bold golden bow will definitely stand out in your hair!

5. Fantasy Lash Set

This lash set’s packaging was inspired by the Chinese fantasy dramas “The Untamed'' and “Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms.” The set includes 5 lashes (all a different color), an applicator, and an eyeliner lash glue. While this lash set wasn’t necessarily inspired by the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, the traditional aesthetic of these fantasy dramas are reminiscent of the folklore surrounding the Mid-Autumn Festival, like the story of Chang E flying to the moon. If you haven’t watched, “The Untamed,” or “Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (AKA Eternal Love),” we here at Euphoric Sun, highly suggest them!

6. Mooncake Festival Collection

Can’t decide which item to get? Then, just get all of them! This bundle includes the red and gold bows, a Red Moon lipstick in the shade “Red Moon,” the Mooncake Palette, the Mooncake Tote, and both gold and red Double Happiness earrings! 

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a celebration with deep roots in Chinese culture, but it isn’t just China that celebrates it, even though it may have originated there. It's celebrated by Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and even the Philippines! And the best way to celebrate this traditional holiday is to share it!