6 Milk Series & Mini Palettes & What They're Inspired By

6 Milk Series & Mini Palettes & What They're Inspired By

6 Milk Series & Mini Palettes & What They're Inspired By

One of Euphoric Sun’s most iconic products are the Milk Series Eyeshadow Palettes, and with their popularity, the idea of re-innovating them for ease of on-the-go travel just made the most sense! That’s how the Milk Mini Eyeshadow Palettes and their Chibi art counterparts came to be! But the real question is… how did the idea of the types of milk these cute palettes represent came to be?

Banana Milk Palette:

The Banana Milk Palette was inspired by South Korean company Binggrae’s banana flavored milk! It was the first flavored milk Binggrae sold, so it’s the most well known of all the different flavored milk Binggrae sells. Fun fact: Banana flavored milk got its flavor because the Korean government wanted to encourage Korean citizens to drink more milk! At the time that Binggrae introduced this product, bananas were expensive and considered a luxury, so the company believed they’d get more sales thinking consumers would be enticed by having access to that banana flavor! Now there are many different brands with banana milk as a flavor! Our Banana Milk palettes also have beautiful yellow colors that would look good on any skin tone, perfect for those that love the color yellow!

Orange Milk Palette:

Now we know what you’re thinking, “Orange Milk? Those two things don’t seem like they would go well together.” If that’s the case, maybe try Rosa Brothers Milk Company Orange Cream Milk! The Orange Milk Palettes were partially inspired by this particular orange milk that our founder, Sun, tried and the other inspiration is orange creamsicles! Are those still around? Anyways, if you like the color orange, our Orange Milk Palettes have orange shimmers, mattes, and glitters that everyone raves about! This warm color matches any undertone!

Melon Milk Palette:

If you’ve ever heard of Melona ice cream? Maybe melon boba? then you’re in luck, because Binggrae’s Melon Flavored Milk basically tastes like the melted version of Melona ice cream! The Melon Milk Palettes were inspired by this flavor of milk which highlights the honeydew melon flavor. It seems like the color green is in! Everyone is talking about these melon palettes because it offers light green and dark green colors that would look natural on the skin and perfect for those just starting off in makeup!

Strawberry Milk Palette:

Do you remember those strawberry milks you had in the cafeteria in elementary school? Well milk brands made it better and Binggrae’s Strawberry Flavored Milk was the main inspiration for the Strawberry Milk Palettes! The aesthetic nature of “strawberry milk” has inspired different cute clothing styles as well as cute accessories like bags or jewelry (Euphoric Sun has also participated in this trend in the past with products like the discontinued Strawberry Moo-moo Bag). I also remember starting to wear makeup around 2010 and there was never a brand that had true red colors! Red is such a staple in making your makeup pop and it’s essential to discover this beautiful color when you’ve just started off in makeup. Strawberry Milk Palettes provide just that!

Taro Milk Palette: 

This palette was inspired by the iconic boba tea flavors, Taro Milk & Ube Milk. Fun Fact: Taro and Ube are two completely different ingredients! Taro is normally colored purple in a lot of boba tea places which contributed the most to the confusion between the two. Taro comes from the root of the taro plant which has an earthy and nutty flavor. It is actually a lot less sweet compared to the taste of ube, sweetener is usually added to get Taro to taste as sweet as it does in milk tea. “Ube” is actually the Tagalog word for purple yam. Taro and Ube actually belong to the same family: the sweet potato family! The biggest reason taro and ube are often used interchangeably is because they are substitute ingredients for each other! Euphoric Sun’s Taro Milk Palettes are just as sweet as Taro and Ube are with euphoric purple colors to integrate into a pretty makeup look. We recommend using Taro Milk palettes with colors like yellow and orange for a perfect combo!

Peach Milk Palette:

The Peach Milk Mini Palette has the most change compared to its regular-sized 9-pan eyeshadow palette. The Peach Milk Palette was the first Milk Series eyeshadow palette to be conceptualized by Euphoric Sun, so its cover is completely different to the other Milk Series eyeshadow palettes that came after it! In order to completely integrate the Peach Milk Palette into the Milk Series, the Peach Milk Mini Palette now is adorned with its own cute Chibi art that represents it! The Peach Milk Mini Palette was inspired by Binggrae’s Lychee & Peach Flavored Milk Drink. Peach Milk is also by this concept of peachy milk that has been a cute aesthetic for years! The Peach Milk Palettes have different shades of pink in it, perfect as a beginner palette!


The Milk Series of Eyeshadow Palettes are one of the most well known products to come from Euphoric Sun and their mini versions make it easier for customers to try the colors before committing to the 9-pan originals, or just travel with ease with the palettes! The inspirations for the cover and the colors of these palettes may be surface level when thinking about the actual practical aspects of makeup (the inspiration doesn’t affect the makeup itself), but ultimately, as long as they foster a curiosity for the culture surrounding the inspiration of the eyeshadow palettes, Euphoric Sun will have achieved its ultimate goal! Make sure to have fun with the palettes and try out different colors in various types of makeup looks!

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