Chinese Opera Water-Activated Eyeliner Palettes


The Chinese Opera theme was created for these water-activated eyeliner palettes as the colorfulness reminded us of the colorfulness and dramatic makeup looks created in Chinese opera. We hope that you can use these palettes in a variety of different looks and let your creativity shine! Perfect for beginners and those that are advanced in their makeup skills! The colors are smudge-proof once dry but are not water-proof since they are water-activated.

These water-activated palettes now come with a fine brush set sold separately! You can choose the fine brush set option and add it to your cart. These fine brushes are perfect for any application and great to create graphic eyeliner looks!

NOTE: Our fine brush sets are on pre-order since they're currently in production and will be finished the first week of July

Instructions: Use a spray bottle filled with water and just spray on the color once to get the color on a brush and apply it on! Use your fingers or a tool to drip some water on the desired color if a spray bottle is not accessible. The more water you use, the more opaque/sheer the color gets. Make sure to not use too much water or else your brush won't be able to pick up the color!

International shipping is available!