Rose Blush Brush


This is a giant rose blush brush that can be used for blush or contour. It's very elegant, soft, and large in size. The photo above compared to a regular blush brush.

the fibers are soft and made of synthetic hair

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Sooooo soft

The brush is super cute and soft.

Germany Germany

Absolutely love it!!

This has instantly become my favorite brush! It's so pretty and big and really smooth, just overall perfect

Lena M.
Germany Germany


Super cute and soooo soft

United States United States

Love, love, love!

Absolutely adore how large, soft, and fluffy this blush brush is that I had to get another one as a back up! Since it’s so large and fluffy it makes it very easy to cover your face/cheeks with blush (if you’re going for that e-girl look), but I also love using it to (as a clean brush) to blend out excess blush when I go a little over board with my regular blush brushes. -Quality: The brush bristles are very soft to the touch and none of them fell out or anything when I did my first wash on the brush (remember to always wash your new brushes before you use them) -Because of how long the brush hairs are they will take a bit longer to air dry after washing compared to regular blush brushes with a little shorter bristles. Possible cons: -The brush is a bit top heavy (by the “top” I mean where the rose/brush head portion is), so you will have to hold it closer to the base of the rose bud rather than on the brush stem if you’re not looking for a forearm workout whilst beating your face for the gods -Some people may have a hard time trying to use the edge of the brush to contour or bronze your face with it because the soft and flexible bristles do give you a bit less control than contour brushes (this is definitely more of a good blending brush rather than a sculpting one) Tips for rose brush maintenance (good tips for maintaining your regular brushes as well): -Losing the shape/indentations of the rose bud (for the brush hairs) or losing bristles after washing the brush a few times may be a concern for some, but as long as you follow these tips, your rose brush should last for long and still keep it’s shape and soft quality. (1) air dry the brush with it’s bristles pointing down (so that excess water wouldn’t drip down to the base of the brush and loosen the glue holding the bristle to the base) (2) reshape the brush to its circular shape when squeezing out the water from the brush after washing it and use a brush guard/net on the brush after its completely dry (which comes with the brush when you first receive it, though you can also buy a pack of more durable brush guards) to help keep its circular shape

United States United States


The brush is so cute and really fun to wear. It is really easy to use for blush and overall just really high quality.

United States United States


this brush is literally so soft and multipurpose. I use it for blush, the edge for contour and/or bronzer, and the whole thing for powder sometimes. It’s so pretty and unique I love it so much!!

United States United States